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Extreme Search for Splunk

Extreme Search for Splunk enables the Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud platforms with qualitative expression, semantic reasoning and concept-based search.  Concepts in Extreme Search are grouped together into Contexts.  Since Contexts can be organized into Classes by time-of-day, day-of-week or any other data field, Extreme Search can also provide dynamic, adaptive thresholding to the Splunk platform.

Extreme Search for Splunk is now owned and supported by Splunk.  Documentation is available at the Splunk documentation website at

Support for Extreme Search is provided through the normal Splunk Support channels.  For more information, please visit this page on the Splunk website.

Scianta Analytics has released a "Helper" app for Extreme Search, called Extreme Search Visualization.  The app provides additional functionality for managing containers, contexts and concepts used by Extreme Search as well as additional tools and dashboards for visualizing the operation of the semantic reasoning performed by Extreme Search.  It also includes new Context types to support instant anolamy detection and statistical analysis.   Extreme Search Visualization (XSV) is curently available free of charge on Splunkbase at

If you have questions about how Extreme Search works, we encourage you to download and install XSV.

Extreme Search Visualization for Splunk

Extreme Search Visualization (XSV), is designed as a "helper" app for Scianta Analytics' Extreme Search for Splunk. Co-developed by Scianta Analytics and Splunk Inc., Extreme Search (XS) is now part of the Splunk App for Enterprise Security (ES). XSV provides a robust set of tools to help you create, manage and explore Extreme Search knowledge objects. Additionally, XSV provides valuable documentation about Extreme Search beyond what is included in the app.

The target audience for this release includes: Splunk & Splunk Partner Professional Services Engineers, Splunk SEs, end users working with the Splunk App for Enterprise Security, and analytics professionals who would like to leverage the power of qualitative expression in their solutions.

It is not necessary to use the XSV app or the Splunk App for Enterprise Security to use Extreme Search. Since Extreme Search is implemented as a set of extensions to Splunk's search language, it is available to any Splunk app. 

Documentation is included as part of the XSV app itself.  The app also includes robust "Search BNF" content which provides interactive, context-specific feedback.  More information about XSV is available on this page.

Support for XSV is provided by Scianta Analytics.  If you have an issue with XSV please use the Scianta Analytics Support Incident Form, or email us at

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