Tame Big Data with Splunk™ and Scianta Machine Intelligence


Welcome to the World of Big Data

Your IT infrastructure generates massive amounts of data every minute of every day. This machine data, generated by websites, applications, servers, networks and mobile devices can contain operational intelligence that's critical to the success of your company.  The conundrum of Big Data is that the sheer volume of information flooding in every minute makes uncovering this critical information nearly impossible to accomplish by conventional means. 

Enter Splunk™.  Splunk is the only solution designed from the ground up to make big data accessible and easy to explore by even the least technical business manager.  Splunk can reveal the mission-critical operational intelligence that's locked inside your sea of data. Splunk is intuitive to use.  And it works in real time.

Scianta Analytics' consulting affiliate, Concanon LLC,  is a Splunk consulting  partner.  Our Concanon team specializes in focusing the power of Splunk to reduce your operational pain, and to give you the operational intelligence you need to make critical decisions to guide your company's future.  If you're struggling to cope with Big Data in your organization; if you're pulling your hair out trying to apply traditional database and ERP-based solutions to your business intelligence or enterprise security missions, give us a call.  You'll be amazed at how effective and scalable Splunk is, and how easy it is to implement in your organization.

Your Company is Probably Already Using It  :-)

The truth is, you probably already have Splunk running in your organization.  The world's most effective IT departments and data centers have already discovered Splunk. You have some very smart folks in your IT department.  These folks are on the front line in dealing with the vast amounts of machine data generated every minute by your enterprise.  It's likely they're using Splunk to stay on top of the performance of your information systems.  They discovered that Splunk can greatly reduce their pain.  And that makes them smile.  Like this: :-)

You Should be Using it Too

There's no doubt that Splunk is the world's best operational intelligence tool for IT.  Splunk has really defined that business category.  But, as great as it is at helping your IT folks make it through their day, that isn't Splunk's greatest attribute. Splunk is the business analytics tool for the era of Big Data.

Every nuance of the behavior of your company and your customers is contained in your sea of machine data.  Splunk is designed to help executives discover and exploit this operational intelligence. If you're an executive that needs to understand their business, Splunk can make you smile too.  Like this:  :-)

Scianta Analytics Delivers Deep Insight

At Scianta Analytics, we're big fans of Splunk.  It allows the consultants on our Concanon team to deliver great solutions to our customers.  But to us, Splunk is something more.  It's the perfect platform to help us deliver what we do best:  Machine Intelligence Powered Extreme Analytics.

"Machine Intelligence Powered Extreme Analytics"  That's quite a mouthful.  A better description

might be this:  Scianta Analytics takes Splunk to the next level. Our proprietary Scianta Analytics Intelligence Engine™ can deliver deep insight into the behavior of your organization and your customers.  Using proprietary time-vectored, fuzzy logic-based algorithms, our Intelligence Engine can discover mission-critical trends and anomalies that aren't easily detected even by the most skilled subject matter experts.  This deep insight into the behavior of your enterprise and your customers allows you to make truly intelligent, informed decisions as you lead your company into the future.  And we think that will make you smile.  Like this: :-)

To learn more about how Scianta Analytics can use Splunk and our proprietary Extreme Analytics™ to make you and your colleagues smile, drop us a note at info @ sciantaanalytics.com, or call us at +1-855-254-9650.



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