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Do We Do?

Scianta Analytics delivers Deep Insight™ into your enterprise using our proprietary, cognitive computing based Extreme Analytics™ tools.   You'll see this statement throughout this web site.  Let's take a moment to explore what we mean by it.

Collins English Dictionary defines insight like this:

Insight: A penetrating and often sudden understanding, as of a complex situation or problem.

Humans derive insight by evaluating data and applying analytical thought.  The power of human insight has driven the bulk of human knowledge and invention.*  We're entering an age now when the sheer volume and complexity of the systems we interact with strain the capacity of even the most powerful of human intellects.  Humans are also not particularly adept at thinking about problems in more than three dimensions.  It's difficult for us to identify trends when we begin to add time and periodicity as vectors.

Scianta Analytics' proprietary, cognitive computing tools can be divided into four technology categories:

  • Conceptual search
  • Knowledge discovery
  • Cognitive modeling
  • Adaptive learning

These systems combine to derive human-like insight from data sets that are far too large and complicated for humans to efficiently cope with. Scianta's Extreme Analytics tools can deliver deep and important insight from extraordinarily large and complicated data sets... and they deliver insight in N dimensions, including time and periodicity.

All of this is downright fascinating if you're a computer sciantist.  It turns out to be a very important concept for those of us who aren't computer scientists. An even more important question is this one:


Do We Do It?

This one is actually easier:  Scianta's Extreme Analytics can solve very large, very difficult and very expensive problems quickly, repeatably and cost effectively.  Extreme Analytics provides critical insights into the behavior of every aspect of your enterprise: your customers, your employees, your systems, your competitors, your market.  At the end of the day, the insight delivered by Scianta's Extreme Analytics allows you to solve mission-critical and expensive problems that face your enterprise.

And, because, our solutions leverage our human-centered, cognitive computing technology, you're able to solve those mission-critical and expensive problems on your own terms, with your own vocabulary, by asking the actual qualitative conceptual questions you need answers to.  This lets you converse with your data the same way you converse with your co-workers, using qualitative concepts in place of arcane quantitative parameters.  With Scianta's cognitive computing technology you can ask questions like these:

Show me networks, by network type, where latency is very high and traffic is above normal.
Show me products where recent sales volume is very high and inventory lead time is very long.
What is the best room to sell to this customer right now?
Show me transactions where transaction size is close to the transaction limit and transaction rate is very high and the customer is somewhat new.
What is the optimum advertising spot to deliver to this viewer in the next segment?


Have We Done It?

We've assembled some "Solution Spotlights" that describe a diverse set of use cases that cognitive computing based Extreme Analytics handles extraordinarily well.  In most cases, these Solutions Spotlights are case studies of actual customer solutions using Scianta Analytics cognitive computing technology.


If you'd like to learn more about these solutions, or if you have an untenable problem that keeps you awake at night, we'd love to talk to you about it.

* For additional information, see the Evolution of Insight article on this web site.

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