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Splunk's Jack Coates Joins Scianta To Head Products

Splunk Market Cognitive Computing Software Company Grabs Splunk Product Ace
Delray Beach, Florida: Today, Scianta Analytics LLC, a cognitive computing and business analytics company that has, to date, focused on the Splunk-centered Big Data market, announced that Jack Coates has joined the company to shape the company's vision for products both in and outside of the Splunk ecosystem.  Scianta Analytics is best known for Extreme Search™, a semantic reasoning engine that allows search by concept in Splunk.  Splunk Inc. (SPLK)  purchased Extreme Search from Scianta in 2014, and ships the technology as part of Splunk's Enterprise Security product.
Mr. Coates served as Director, Product Management at Splunk from 2011 through June 2017.  He was the product manager for Splunk Enterprise Security versions 2 and 3 and was the founding product manager for what would become Splunk IT Service Intelligence.  He is widely credited...    Read more

San Francisco, July 14, 2017

Steve Sommer, former CMO at Splunk, and my friend, passed away last Thursday after a valiant 16 month battle with cancer. It was not unexpected, yet I'm certain that none of us who knew him had figured out how to prepare for it.

Rest in Peace, Steve. You were one of the best men I've ever known, and I was very proud to call you my friend. I will forever miss your wit, your cheer and your sage counsel. You left an incredible legacy in Rachel, Allison and Julia...   Read more

Delray Beach, Florida
August 1, 2016

Scianta Speaking at Splunk's .conf2016 User Conference 

We're very excited that Splunk has asked Scianta to present at this year's Splunk user conference.  Company founders Mike Cormier and Bill Thackrey will talk about Scianta's new Extreme Vigilance behavioral analytics suite and how the Scianta development team leveraged Splunk's new Machine Learning toolkit to accelerate the product's time-to-market. They will discuss tips and tricks for applying machine learning to business solutions in Splunk.  Here's the abstract of the talk:

Fast Time to Extraordinary Value: Quickly Add Powerful Machine Learning to Your Splunk Apps and Dashboards with Splunk's New Machine Learning Toolkit

Thursday, September 29, 2016 10:15 AM-11:00 AM 

ADVANCED | Products: Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Cloud | Role: Operations Manager, Security Analyst, Data Scientist/Analyst, Business Manager, Architect, Administrator, Splunk Technical Champion, Developer | Track: Developing | Session Focus: Splunk As A Platform | Other Topics:customSearchCommands, Thought Leadership, Dev Tools, Platform extensibility, Big Data Architecture, Machine Learning, App Ecosystem


Mike Cormier, Managing Director, Concanon LLC
William Thackrey, Managing Director, Concanon LLC

Machine learning experts from Scianta Analytics chose Splunk's new Machine Learning Toolkit to accelerate time to market of their new Extreme Vigilance security app for Splunk. The Scianta dev team will discuss their decision to leverage the ML Toolkit, and will walk the audience through real-world ML use cases in the Splunk platform. Attendees will receive a free eval copy of Scianta Extreme Vigilance, a new app that uses advanced behavioral analytics to detect fraud, security threats and other anomalous behavior with Splunk.

Join Scianta Analytics in the Concanon booth at .conf2016, September 26th through September 29th at Walt Disney World.  And be sure to catch our session at 10:15AM on Thursday, September 29th.  A page dedicated to this year's Splunk user conference, Splunk .conf2016, can be found here:


Delray Beach, Florida
September 25, 2013

Scianta Analytics Releases Cognitive Computing Backgrounder

Scianta Analytics is pleased to announce the release of Volume 1: Principles of Cognitive Computing by Earl Cox, Chief Scientist, Scianta Analytics. The first chapter of Dr. Cox's forthcoming book on cognitive computing, this is an excellent deep dive into the science underlying Scianta Extreme Search for Splunk.  While the subject matter is quite technical, Dr. Cox delivers it in the approachable, easy to understand style that has made him one of the most important authors and thought leaders in machine learning, fuzzy logic and cognitive computing.  Volume 1: Principles of Cognitive Computing is available for download in PDF format here.

Some Thoughts from Some Thought Leaders

One of the best things about being in the cognitive computing business, is that we get to work with, and learn from, some of the brightest people on the planet.  In this section of the Scianta Analytics web site, we've collected some importantant presentations, lectures and articles by some of today's most influential thinkers.


White Papers

This week's Machine Intelligence white papers:

A Capital Effectiveness and Computing Resources Capabilities and Forecasting Model

An Advanced Capacity Planning Model – A Design Perspective

Capacity and Capital Effectiveness


Genetic Tuning of Fuzzy Models

Fuzzy models come in two broad flavors– those in which the underlying fuzzy sets represent the semantics of the model and those in which the underlying fuzzy sets represent a somewhat arbitrary partitioning of the data psace in each variable.

Genetic Tuning of Fuzzy Models