Become an Early Adopter



Thanks for your interest in the Scianta Analytics Early Adopter program.  

What Is It?

The Scianta Analytics Early Adopter program is a free program designed to accomplish a few things:

  • It gets early release and production versions of our software into the hands of potential users quickly and painlessly.  This is good for us, because we're able to learn how real users apply Scianta Extreme Analytics tools to real use cases.  This helps us build better software.
  • It allows you to evaluate, without cost, Scianta Extreme Analytics software tools in your environment, applied against your use cases.
  • It gives you a direct pipeline to our product team.  You'll have a chance to influence development of new versions of our software.
  • It gives you access to our data scientists and solutions architects, in case you have questions about how to implement a solution to your use case.
  • You'll receive extended free evaluation trials of Scianta Analytics software, including the Scianta Cognitive Modeler and the Extreme Vigilance application suite.
  • You'll receive special Early Adopter discounts on Scianta Analytics software.
  • You'll have access to other Scianta Analytics Early Adopters.  Trust us, these are some very smart folks.  You'll be able to discuss your use cases and learn how other professionals are using Scianta Analytics software to conquor new use cases with Splunk.
  • You'll be one of the cool kids.
Why Should I Join?
  • You'll have the opportunity to apply Scianta's state-of-the-art congitive computing technology to your Big Data use case.
  • You'll have the opportunity to work with our product team to create great software.
  • You've receive special discounts on Scianta Analytics cognitive computing software including the Scianta Cognitive Modeler and Extreme Vigilance.
  • It's free.
  • You'll be one of the cool kids.
What Does It Cost?

Membership in the Scianta Analytics Early Adopter program is free.  As an Early Adopter, you may, from time to time, receive email communications from the Scianta Analytics product team.  If you've given us a contact telephone number, a member of our product team may call to follow up on something you've told us.  We're very interested in your feedback about our software.  Your input helps us design software to better meet your needs.  As an Early Adopter, you'll have a direct pipeline to our product developers and data scientists.

Will I get Spam?

Absolutely not.  Your contact information is never shared with anyone outside of Scianta Analytics and you will not receive unsolicited email from us.  You may opt out of the Early Adopter program at any time.

Is There Any Obligation?

No.  You're under no obligation to buy anything.  You'll have the opportunity to receive free extended evaluation trials of Scianta Analytics software.  If you chose to purchase our software, you'll be entitled to a special Early Adopter discount.  A few folks have asked if they can buy a nifty Scianta Analytics Early Adopter hat.  We're looking into that.  If we can find a good deal on logo'd pith helmets, we'll let you know.  Or maybe capes.  How would you feel about a Scianta Early Adopter cape?

The Fine Print

The Scianta Analytics Early Adopter program is offered as a free service to individuals and companies who are interested in Scianta Analytics software and services.  Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.  Scianta Analytics may terminate the program at any time.  As an Early Adopter program member, you may opt out of the program at any time.

How Do I Get Started? 

It couldn't be easier.  Here's how:

  1. Register as a user on the Scianta Analytics web site at
  2. When you register, check the Early Adopter check box.  If you miss it, you can check it after you're registered.
  3. Optional – Tell your friends you're a cool kid.  Or a cooler kid, than even you were before.


Then What?

Once you join the website and check the Early Adopter checkbox, an enrollment request wil be sent to the Scianta Analytics Early Adopter team.  The team will review your registration and, when you are approved for the program, you'll be able to download and install Early Adopter versions of Scianta Analytics software.  Approval should only take a day or so.  If you have a time deadline, drop an email to early @ and we'll get right on it. Pretty easy, right?

Sign Me Up!

Alrighty then. Click on this link right here.